We're h*cking dead!

Hardlight VR is a haptic feedback and motion tracking jacket for VR. We launched on Kickstarter in 2017, delivered to our backers, and then promptly ran out of money.

You can read about our closure, the ups and downs of our manufacturing process, and the system itself on our Kickstarter Page

Update Jan 10, 2019:


We have made the entire Hardlight project available under the permissive MIT license. This includes our SDK, haptic engine software, several standaline haptic design applications, and all hardware, electronics and firmware used in the Hardlight suit.

You can find it all on Github

We welcome any and all interest in derivative projects made from our software and hardware, edits to our designs, and updates to the plugins and drivers! If you are interested in contributing to the public Hardlight repositories, please create an issue on the Github, or email hardlightvr@gmail.com.

Copyright Lucian Copeland 2018